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Haldex Introduces Multiple Treatment Cartridge Plus in Air Dryers


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Haldex Introduces Multiple Treatment Cartridge Plus In Air Dryers

Kansas City, Missouri (March 22, 2007) — Haldex introduces its Multiple Treatment Cartridge Plus (MTC+) with a coalescing filter as standard in all new Purest® and Dryest® air dryer replacement cartridge kits.  The MTC is an already proven design and the addition of a coalescing filter makes this cartridge even more effective by removing over 60% more hydrocarbons from the air that would otherwise degrade seals and corrode valves downstream from the dryer. The air dryer is an important component of the air delivery system that ensures clean, contaminant free air gets to the necessary braking systems that stop a vehicle.  

The Haldex Consep®, condenser/separator is a low maintenance, effective and simple way of pre-treating hot, moist air before it reaches an air dryer and is particularly useful where there is high air demand or severe duty cycles such as in transit and vocational applications.   The Consep is also effective on any vehicle with problematic compressors that pass excessive amounts of oil.   Within the vehicle’s air brake system, the Haldex Consep condenses, separates and removes 90% of damaging oils, liquids and other contaminants from the air stream. The Consep merely spins the air in a fixed cyclone and separates the contaminants which are then expelled from a heated purge valve. When installed properly, the Consep reduces corrosion and possible failure of air brake system components caused by contamination and significantly increases the air dryer desiccant life.

The Haldex Automatic Drain Valve reduces possible build-up of harmful condensation and contaminants in a reservoir or wet tank by automatically expelling any accumulated moisture in an air brake system every time the brake is applied or can be connected to a timer for automatic cycling. Designed to remove oil, water and carbon from the compressed air reservoir without depending on compressor cycling, the Automatic Drain Valve easily mounts anywhere a manual drain valve is located. Whether factory installed or retrofit to existing air reservoirs, the Automatic Drain Valve can be easily serviced in the field. Haldex offers a wide range of drain valves that include both mechanical and electrically controlled Automatic Drain Valves.

About Haldex

Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems ( is a leading manufacturer and distributor of heavy-duty air brake and suspension control system components. It operates globally with headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri; manufacturing and engineering facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Brazil, China and India; and sales organizations for main geographic markets headquartered in Kansas City; Weyersheim, France; Sao Paulo, Brazil, Shanghai, China; and Seoul, Korea.

Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems is a part of Haldex Group (, an innovator in vehicle technology and supplier of proprietary products for trucks, cars and industrial vehicles on a global basis. Haldex Group is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and has annual sales of $950 million with 4,606 employees.