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Investors Relations & Haldex information



2 brands, 1 partner

Grau has reinvented itself to better fit modern times. Grau provides quality products with an accessible price range all while providing the same premium support.

The Aftermarket needs to be able to rely on safe and trustworthy brands. Because we believe paying for an accessible service should not be synonymous with a faulty or lack of support.


We are Grau, ready to change the automotive industry




A good buy for a reliable and safe truck and trailer maintenance




Because Haldex sees different needs over the vehicle life, we created Grau


For those who drive

A robust technology with a very favourable price-performance ratio


For those who repair

There is nothing to worry about, as the guarantee and service applied to Haldex is the same for Grau.


For those who buy

A secure investment from anywhere in Europe for your fleets, may it be regarding safety, warranty and reduction of your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)!



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Fittings                                  Grau product catalogue          Power flex coil              


Grau Durability and Performance.jpg          Heavyweight Stopping Power.jpg          RTC Push in-Fittings.jpg

Durability & Performance     Stopping power                    RTC Push-in fittings



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