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Solutrans 2021

10 November 2021

Haldex will show how it is setting new standards for trailer braking and suspension systems in Europe at the Solutrans show, hall 3 stand A044.

Under the motto ‘Open for progress’, Haldex highlights new products and provides a space to connect with customers for formal and informal conversations in a hospitality area with a Swedish flavour.

At the front of the 108 m2 stand, the European and global manufacturer provides a première of the fourth generation of its EBS (electronic braking system) for semi-trailers, EB+4.0. This is a newly-improved, lighter-weight modular system that features new software and options to improve the usability of EBS for every kind of on-road application. In particular, thanks to an optional extra solenoid, three important new features are possible. Working with customers, Haldex offers Mobiliser, which links to telematics systems to provide a remote lock that only releases the parking brake when the right trailer is attached. The new Safe Parking+ feature improves the safety of the coupling/uncoupling procedure by preventing roll-away accidents when the tractor parking brake isn’t applied. Third, EB+4.0’s emergency brake override provides an early warning of a serious failure of the trailer braking system, allowing time for a driver to brake safely and in a controlled manner, protecting not only that vehicle but other road users.

On the stand, visitors will be able to see and touch an EB+4.0 module, and thanks to a touchscreen computer they can explore the product in a 360° virtual space and read about key components and systems in a choice of French, Spanish, Polish, German and English languages.

Haldex Solutrans stand 3D plan 2021 (3).png

Next to it, Haldex showcases EB+ Can Hub, new technology to manage the safety of many axled vehicles. Extended vehicles such as road train configurations of two or more trailers may contain more axles than can be catered for by the largest possible EBS single-system configuration, which is currently 8S/4M on EB+4.0. That system can brake up to 10 axles of a vehicle such as a low loader by deploying a system with one master, two slaves and up to six-wheel speed sensors. However, the new Haldex EB+ Can Hub caters for road trains by linking two equals but distinct EBS systems, from the first vehicle to the second.

The show also highlights the LifeSeal+ double diaphragm spring brake actuator. When the parking brake is compressed, it vents air internally rather than externally, preventing on the release stroke the ingress of moist air that carries with it the risk of corrosion of internal parts that is common on traditional vented designs. This design provides a longer service life than standard double-diaphragm spring brakes, potentially up to the life of the trailer (hence the name). Although designed specifically for use in semi-trailers travelling long distances across Europe, these actuators’ robust design makes them also suitable for tipper trucks on building sites, for example. The outstanding feature is a fully-sealed housing, which provides optimal protection for internal components. Water, road salt and other contaminants cannot attack the power spring, which, in practice, is the most common reason for spring brake failure. This product demonstrates the company’s desire to become a full systems supplier for trailers, according to executive vice president Stephan Mr Kulle.

As far as brake callipers go, Haldex’s ModulT DBT22 LT GenII disc brakes, re-engineered for lighter weight to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, will be presented at the exhibition as well. This 22.5-in version of the DBT LT range for trailers and semi-trailers features only a single tappet mechanism, plus a newly designed casting to keep weights to 27kg and 30kg respectively, including pads. But, generating maximum brake torques of 18kNm and 20kNm, respectively, the brakes still punch above their weight. A version for trucks and buses at the larger wheel size, DBT22 MD, weighs 34kg with pads and produces maximum brake torque of 25kNm, optionally up to 30kNm. Also, to facilitate quick and easy servicing, brake pads in all sizes can be replaced without needing tools.

Finally, Haldex customers are catered for with a dedicated touch-screen with which they can search for replacement items spare parts and technical documentation. The webshop is exclusively available to Haldex partners. Once registered at haldex.com, they can access the product catalogue, with its various search functions, via the online shop. Once the desired part is found, it can be added to the shopping cart with a click of the mouse. Also, the Trailer Application Guide, freely available on haldex.com is a well-known point of access to a wide range of information about all of the Haldex systems for trailers.

Unlike its competitors, Haldex prides itself on its willingness to work with customers either to develop new products together or to customise existing products to best suit their needs. For the independent aftermarket, Haldex is continually working to improve the range of products available as well as to optimise their distribution.

As Solutrans opens its doors again, visitors are urged to come to Lyon to see for themselves how Haldex is open for progress.


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