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22 June 2022

Haldex provides brakes, suspension and running gear components for commercial vehicle fleets around the world. As it sells globally, the company has a large reach across many of the largest markets.

Haldex is producing and distributing parts to OE trailer, truck and bus producers and to independent distributors, providing best-in-class braking solutions. To expand our presence, it is also reaching out to fleets to spread our knowledge and expertise on the market. Haldex values every customer, and offers a number of free or low-cost support services to help solve operators' problems.

In case of a query about a product, Haldex would recommend first going to www.haldex.com/en/Europe/fleets. The site contains a wealth of information about products, including the online product catalogue, and the Trailer Application Guide, which helps users quickly navigate to information about components of interest. And of course via the site's webshop customers can check actual stock availability and place orders. For those urgent vehicle off road repairs, for example, Haldex offers expedited part shipping, which starts at EUR55, depending on country and part weight.

If the answer can't be found online, the second port of call would be a customer's local distributor.

To provide best possible service for partners, Haldex has launched in Germany, France, Poland (new for 2022) and the UK a free or low-cost telephone helpline which offers technical support during daytime hours. Haldex welcomes fleet customers to use the service, which was in fact set up for them - for technicians and fleet managers, states Haldex EMEA fleet manager Daniel Ślimakowski.

Speaking by telephone with advisors, customers can obtain more detailed and more certain information. Topics can range from general questions on how people choose the part to very technical matters such as trailer brake calculations, and everything in between, adds Ślimakowski. Most queries are answered in the call, with the small remaining percentage handled by follow-up email afterwards.

Haldex also supports fleets in understanding what their brakes are telling them. Data is what drives the world. To gather, compare and analyse data from the trailer EBS, the Haldex FLEET+ interface allows customers to review over 20 parameters from last 1,000 routes of each vehicle. This solution helps operators analyse road conditions and to compare data between vehicles to find weak points and to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Another means of support that is proving popular in some markets, such as France and the UK, is remote services. Instead of just talking through a problem over the phone, remote services allows Haldex technicians to take action by remotely -- and securely -- accessing a workshop computer via TeamViewer remote desktop software. With remote services, Haldex technicians can help fleets use Haldex software to diagnose a technical fault, set/reset parameters or update firmware, for example. There is a moderate flat rate charged per connection. For more information, see fleets/remote-services


And Haldex also teaches fleet technicians how to do it for themselves. The Haldex product diagnostics package, DIAG+, comes loaded onto a USB dongle. Its advantage, compared to universal diagnostics computers, is 100% compatibility with Haldex EBS and certainty and ease in parameter changing. Because the system alters braking performance, a safety-critical aspect of commercial vehicles, users must be trained and certified by Haldex, via a two-day course. Previously face-to-face, since the pandemic began the course has been offered online (three days). For certification, which lasts for two years, workshops must send a minimum of two technicians, purchase a set of spare parts and diagnostic equipment, and be audited by Haldex. The company teaches about 1,000 mechanics a year in classes ranging from 10-15 people.

Other training courses for fleets, offered both face-to-face and online, include basic air braking circuits for trailers (agriculture); air suspension circuits (EGP valve, Colas, Ilas); ABS systems (Modal, Modular and U-ABS); EBS system (GEN3 and 4.0 soon); Fleet+; disc brakes (ModulT); automatic brake adjusters (AA1 & S-ABA). A training schedule is available via technical-training.  In addition, short videos are also available on the Haldex YouTube channel, HaldexTV.

Later in 2022, Haldex plans to launch e-learning training from September in a new Haldex Academy. Topics will include basic pneumatics and basic air braking circuits for trailers and actuators.

Finally, did you know that Haldex even offers tailor-made solutions to customers with only one fleet? In January 2022, Haldex developed the 'Rise and Low' solution for haulier Petit Forestier, which raises and lowers the trailer when it docks on a loading ramp; its controls can be operated by warehouse worker. Another example is an anti-departure solution for Raben. It applies the trailer's parking brakes during the loading process to prevent departure before loading ends, and to prevent accidents. Both solutions incorporate extra accessories, including possibly trailer-mounted valves or control software.

Customers interested in proposing a tailor-made solution should approach their distributor in the first instance, which will pass the enquiry on. Haldex's sales department passes it on to either the technical or R&D department for further investigation. They consider if Haldex can solve the problem, and if so, pass it on to the technical department to prepare a mock-up for further consultation with the customer. "This is definitely one of our unique selling points in the market, to approach customers individually" concludes Ślimakowski.


Technical support

Germany, Austria and Switzerland: +49 6221 703 333

France: +33 891 89 95 90

Poland: +48 609 793 357 / +48 609 793 359

UK: +44 1325 311234


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