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EB+ Soft Docking


Many safe returns

Accidents happen all too easily when docking at a loading bay. EB+ Soft Docking helps prevent damage by automatically activating vehicle brakes as the distance between vehicle and ramp becomes critical.

EB+ Soft Docking has more functionality and is more compact than ever. The system’s design makes blind spots at the rear of the vehicle a thing of the past. The new electronic control unit is CAN-Bus compatible and can communicate directly with EB+.

Key benefits:

  • Multiple, ultrasonic sensors mounted on the rear of the vehicle detect the distance to the loading bay
  • At three metres, the driver receives visual and audio warning signals
  • When the rear of the vehicle is within one metre of the ramp, the system automatically determines vehicle speed and load weight and applies vehicle brakes accordingly
  • At a distance of less than 0.5 metres, intermittent beeping becomes one continuous beep and position lights shine continuously

Soft docking

EB+ Soft Docking


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