Brake pads kit for ASSALI STEFFEN DBT19LT

Use kit 96306 for brake pads replacement



  • 4 Brake pads
  • 4 Pad springs
  • 2 Pad retainers
  • 2 Spring brackets
  • 2 Plugs

Option : Pad Wear Indicator kit

Important notice logo.png

Within the new Haldex Air Disc Brake ModulT mechanism is a mechanical function called the torque limiter. The torque limiter click could naturally occur during brake actuation after the installation of new brake pads. However, just by fitting new brake pads will not guarantee the click will occur. Once the new brake pads have bedded in and the high compression has reduced, it is unlikely that any future torque limiter click will be necessary or heard.

This information is available in the Product bulletin (PB DB 029L)

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