Lift Axle Valve - ILAS-E

ILAS-E is a SINGLE circuit lift axle valve for air suspension systems controlled by EB+. During operation EB+ measures the load condition to calculate the required brake pressure, this input value is also used to raise / lower the lift axle by an electrical output (AUX). Without electrical power the lift axle drops down!

ILAS-E ILAS-E+ (SOP Q4 / 2014)
  • Single ciruit suspension
  • Integrated PTC fittings
  • Easier and faster installation
  • Cost reduction due to less mounting components
  • Lower weight as current series
  • Faster traction support because of higher air flow rate

ILAS-E - General

ILAS-E is used for electrically controlled lifting and lowering of one or several lift axles with conventional air suspension systems. With electronically controlled air brake systems, e.g. EB+, ILAS-E is controlled by the load depended output signal. At installations without EBS (EB+) it is possible to control ILAS-E by a separate specialized pressure switch with two independent setting pressures.

Key benefits:

  • Optimised for low-cost and easier installation
  • Higher flow performance for quicker reaction of the lift axles
  • Integration of additional ports
  • Minimisation of the logistic and stock costs
  • Low weight and small size
  • Compatible with Haldex EB+ and other EBS Systems
  • DIN-Bayonet or socket connection


Electrically actuated lift axle control device for lifting and lowering of lift axle(s).

  • With electric power ON: Axle is up
  • With electric power OFF: Axle is down

Traction control: By using a traction control device you have to follow the regulations for lift devices, maximum speed 30 kph and maximum load 130% (97/29/EG). (see EB+ “ILAS-E Front” function)

Operating Instructions

Attention - Danger!

The lift axle raises or lowers automatically when the change-over pressure is reached or when the voltage is switched ON or OFF, respectively.

Keep away from the hazardous area!

Mechanical Installation

The ILAS-E should be mounted using the holes which are provided. It should not be located in an area where there is excessive water spray / splash and should be protected from high pressure washing equipment. Additional protection should be provided by the vehicle manufacturer against unintentional activation.

In the event of paint/coating work all open connections including the exhaust port should be protected by suitable means to avoid penetration of the paint/coating. After painting/coating remove this protecting material. In the supply coming from the air reservoir a line filter should be installed (to guard against pollutants).

Pneumatic Installation

Pneumatic connection should be in accordance with assembly diagrams. The exhaust port „3“ should be protected against contamination. When assembling pneumatic lines care should be taken to ensure that the tubes are cut square and free from burrs. On valves with push-in fittings use only nylon pipes (depends on version) 8x1 in accordance with DIN 74 324. When assembling the nylon pipes, care should be taken to ensure that the pipes are cut square, to the required length and are free from burrs. Before inserting the pipes in the push-in fittings don´t support sleeves in the ends of the pipes because the sleeves are integrated inside of the brass fittings. Pipes are to be inserted at least 18.5 mm deep in the connections.

Solenoid socket

Strip the insulation off the PUR cable as per the diagram. After wiring tighten the PUR cable with the PG- screw (4-6 Nm). Fix the sealed connector cover with the screw (M3) (0.5-0.6 Nm) and seal up the screw with the O-ring ø 3 x 1.5 (within the assembling kit) . Cable should run up to connector-cover.

Solenoid bayonet

Use bayonet according to DIN 72585. On bayonet the union nut must be attached suitable and engaged correctly by turning clockwise to guarantee optimal sealing. For Haldex EB+ you can use cable with part-no. 814 012 xxx


  • Test for operation and leaks.
  • Test for correct assembly
  • Check instruction label


To lower the lift axle, e.g. for servicing the electric power must be switched off. Alternatively a shut off cock with exhaust (e.g. 334 077 001) can be fitted to port 1 to switch off the lifting device (axle down).

If defects are noted during vehicle examinations or when driving, then the unit should be tested and replaced if necessary.

When working with high pressure cleaners a distance of at least 50 cm should be observed.

Technical data

Medium Air
Operating pressure 8.5 bar
Operating temperature - 40°C ... + 80°C
Ports 1 / 1.1 + 1.2 (depends on version) Supply
Port 11 Bag of air suspended axle
Port 21 / 21.1 + 21.2 (depends on version) Lift axle
Port 22 / 22.1 + 22.2 (depends on version) Lift bag
Port 3 Exhaust
Required switch pressure 352 06x xxx / 070 xxx > 3.5 bar
Required switch pressure 352 08x xxx > 5 bar
Solenoid 12V DC
Current power consumption at 20°C: I0 = 300 mA / P0 = 3.5W
Permissible duty: 100%
Type of protection: DIN 40050 - IP 6K 9K
Solenoid 24V DC
Current power consumption at 20°C: I0 = 100 mA / P0 = 2.5W
Permissible duty: 100%
Type of protection: DIN 40050 - IP 6K 9K

Technical symbol

352 061 / 062 xxx 352 070 101 / 111
352 080 001 / 021
352 070 121
352 080 011 / 031