ILAS-E - Dimension

The dimensions of all ILAS-E variants (352 061/062/070 xxx) are very similar. You can replace one by any other variant.

There is only a difference in other areas:

  • Type of solenoid (DIN bayonet or socket)
  • Type of port (thread or push to connect)
  • Number of ports (4 / 6 / 7)

The new ILAS-E+ 352 080 xxx (Production start Q4 / 2014) is technically fully interchangeable with the previous series but there is ONE important difference and therefore potential compatibility issue! 
The new series includes a pin in the die casting (instead of a bore) and has only one hole for a fixation screw. This means depending on the initial fixation direction existing holes can be used again.

Below you find only some basic dimensions of the different variants. 
If you need more detailed information please refer to the product installation drawing.