ILAS-E+ Intro

Customer Notification

ILAS-E+ new generation of ILAS-E.

Haldex has introduced a new generation of the lift axle system. ILAS-E+ is an innovative further development of the well known ILAS-E. The SOP for the new generation "ILAS-E+", was in Q 04/2014. This will be a running change commencing orders will automatically be transferred to the new version when stock of the current version is used up.


  • Easier and faster installation.
  • Cost reduction due to less mounting components.
  • Minimization of the logistic and stock keeping costs.
  • Lower weight as current series.
  • Solenoid Bayonet DIN 72585-A1-2.1 SN / K1 option: rotating, details on drawing.

New Part Numbers of the ILAS-E+ generation

The new generation will be introduced under a new part number family. New 352 080 0xx will replace current 352 070 xxx series.


Identical as current ILAS-E.  


By fixing pin (part of the valve) and a M8 screw. The pin operates for fixation on the mounting bracket and to avoid any rotation. Fastening pattern for fixing at the bracket is equal to ILAS-E 352 070 xxx .


Refer to Dimension


Total size between current series 352 070 … and the new generation 352 080 … deviates slightly as shown below.