Inline Filter

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The line filter is installed in air brake and/or suspension systems.

lt cleans the compressed air, thereby protecting the equipment from faults and defects.

The brake system remains operable in both directions, even when the filter element is blocked.

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The filter element comprises a plastic sump reinforced by longitudinal ribbing and a sealing seat. Two springs firmly hold the filter element in position. If the filter element is blocked, the filter lifts from its seat and the compressed air flows unfiltered through the line filter.


  • The line filter is installed in the pipeline so that the hook-type snap ring faces downwards.
  • Sufficient space for removing the filter insert must be left beneath the line filter.
  • The direction of flow is arbitrary; however, flow from 1 to 2 is preferred.


Check the line filter for blocking and leaks.


  • The filter element should be cleaned at regular service intervals.
  • The element can be removed by pressing in the cover and releasing the hook-type snap ring without it being necessary to remove the filter body from the brake line.

Sectional drawing

Port 1 : Supply

Port 2 : Delivery

Inline filter sectional drawing Haldex.png


DIN 74253
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