Wheel sensor extension

Find here extended description, connector views, and help for diagnostic as well !


  • To connect the wheel sensor to the sensor socket on the UCE.
  • Conforms to IP67 when mated with ECU
  • Cable insulation material: PUR
  • Use tag to identifiy the sensor position :

Identification tags are incorporated on either side of the sensor / ECU connector. These must be removed to identify the appropriate sensor before connecting into the ECU.

tag identifier sensor.png

ECU plug - Wheel sensor socket

Sensor connectors view complete.png

Pin Description Color Section (mm2)
1 Line 1 Black 0.5
2 Line 2 Brown 0.5



Wheel sensor extension is an important cable that connects the wheel sensors to ECU. Primary functions rely on this component, like ABS and Stability.

ECU have diagnostic capabilities to determine Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) to help the technicians to find the root cause of the failure.

In case of an Open/Short circuit DTC, located on one of the wheel sensors (S1A, S1B, S2A or S2B) the wiring can be checked :

Test points Condition Required value Measured value Comments

ECU plug

1 - 2

Wheel sensor connected

980 Ω < R < 2400 Ω

Nominal = 1700 Ω

Additional test:

Turning wheels at 30 rpm must generate min 0,2 VAC voltage


This test will show the complete resistance of wiring AND sensor.

If value is out of this range, wheel sensor OR cable can be faulty!

Next steps :

  • check the values directly on sensor cable
  • check the continuity of the wires 1 and 2 with ohmmeter between the two plugs. (R<5Ω for correct operation)