EB+ CAN Hub Installation variants

CanHubcable intro.png

The EB+ CAN Hub can operate in two modes:

  1. Repeater, to pass through transmitted data when installed on an extendable trailer
  2. Router, which routes messages between the ECU's on:
    1. A towed trailer with two EBS ECU's installed, or
    2. A trailer with just one installed EBS ECU

Connections to the EB+ CAN Hub and ECU (s) are made by EB+ Power A ISO 7638 cables connected to three 7–pin Haldex EB+ Power connectors located on the EB+ CAN Hub.

The EB+ CAN Hub automatically recognises a predecessor (Power), a local (Local) and a successor (Towing) ECU.

You will find below examples of installation variants with both modes, but also Road train specific layout and the description of external pressure sensor option.

Installation variants