External pressure sensor option

EB+ CAN Hub supports communication between a towing vehicle not equipped with an EBS system (i.e. Truck with ABS only system) and towed vehicles equipped with EBS system. This is done through the connection of an external brake Pressure Sensor to the EB+ CAN Hub AUX port on the first trailer. The sensor provides information about the pneumatic brake demand requested by a driver and EB+ CAN Hub converts it into an electric brake demand signal and sends it to the trailers by generating the EBS11 (service brake demand) and EBS12 (pneumatic control line and 1 x electrical control line) messages.

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Pressure sensor


815 022 001

To use in combination with EB+ CAN Hub ECU

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Fulfill ADR specifications

Pressure sensor/switch to AUX

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Part number Length (m) Technical drawing
814 001 522 0.75

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814 001 512 2
814 001 532 3
814 001 542 5
814 001 502 10
814 001 562 26

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