EB+ Info Centre

EB+ InfoCentre_003.png

The Info Centre 2 is a side of trailer mounted diagnostic unit used for readout of odometer, diagnostic codes and other information as available in the EB+ Electronic Control Unit (all current features available when an EBS Gen2 is programmed and using C497 / 498 / 499 or when an EBS Gen3 is programmed and using E653 or when an U-ABS is programmed and using A650 or higher level of software).
The Info Centre 2 is connected permanently to the ECU's diagnostic 'DIAG' connection. While the ECU is powered from its normal source (ISO7638 permanent) information is transferred to the Info Centre's memory, which can be recalled. Power is supplied from the vehicle system via the ECU diagnostics connector.Info Centre 2 comprises an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and three buttons marked with up/down arrows and an OK button.Info Centre 2 also has an internal battery which allows readout of information (including fault indication) when the trailer is uncoupled and unpowered.
With the internal battery, the Info Centre 2 is not ADR approved but an ADR variant is available to cover this category of vehicles.