EB+ Soft Docking

Haldex truck EB+SD 600px.jpg


This is the 2nd generation of a system for detecting the presence of a dock (‘ramp’ or ‘loading bay’) within 2.5 m, warning the driver of the distance via flashing side marker lights and audio beeper at a rate dependent on distance and automatically applying the brakes to halt the vehicle (or reduce the impact speed) at 1m from the dock.

The system consists of an ECU and from 2 to 5 ultrasonic sensors, additional software for the EB+ ECU, side marker lights, audio beeper and cables to link the components together.
The EB+ Soft Docking ECU is controlled from the Haldex CAN B+ / B- and communicates with the EBS via Haldex CAN.
Before using the EB+ Soft Docking system please read the description and the operation instructions carefully. The system cannot replace the driver’s responsibility to ensure a clear passage when manoeuvring.
Haldex cannot be held responsible for any accidents encountered when using the system.