Tyre Pressure Monitoring System



Haldex TPMS is a tire pressure and temperature monitoring system for any commercial vehicle trailer equipped with EB+. The EB+ shall facilitate the transmission of pressure and temperature for each wheel via ISO11992 CAN to the towing vehicle and the EB+ Info Centre can be used locally to display the pressure and temperature on the trailer.

The wheel unit sensor (WUS) measures the pressure and temperature inside the tire and transmits all the measurements by radio frequency (RF) to the receiver control unit (RCU). The RCU then determines the system status and sends it to the electronic braking system (EBS) on the trailer CAN bus. The EBS then transmits this information to the dashboard which can display the required information of pressure, warning, alerts and system status for the vehicle driver.

The system is configured and diagnosed through CAN communication using DIAG+. The TPMS trigger uses low frequency (LF) to communicate to the wheel unit sensor (WUS) and is used to force the WUS to send it's unique identification code (ID) to the RCU.

The components involved in the Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) are:

  • The receiver control unit (RCU) - fixed on the vehicle chassis and manages the TPMS functions
  • The wheel unit sensor (WUS) - buckled on the inside rim of each tire to be monitored.
  • The electronic braking system (EBS) - manages the information from the TPMS to the tractor unit dashboard.
  • The trigger - used to force the WUS to transmit its identification code (ID) to the RCU.
  • Diagnostic and configuration tool (DIAG+) - used to configure the TPMS system on a trailer

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