U-ABS Diagnostic

You will find here the needed parts for U-ABS setup and diagnostic.

PC interface and Diag+ software gives access to all functionalities, whereas Infocentre can be used for simple diagnostic tasks.

For more detailed information, please read DIAG+ installation guide.

There is no specific toolbox including all accessories for U-ABS, but you will find here the EB+ kits available that can be used for both systems.


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PC interface - EB+ Infocentre

Diagnostic PC interface

815023001 Dongle C.jpg





  • This interface connect DIAG+ software to the Haldex ECUs.
  • Compatible with EB+ Gen1/2/3 and U-ABS ECUs
  • Kit 950 800 909 include PC interface (815 023 001) + USB cable (042 707 309)

backwards button 50px.png

PC interface to DIAGN/CAN

4-Pole AXU to PC Interface 600px.png

Part number Length (m) Technical drawing
814 036 001 6.5 Download Icon 30px.png
814 036 011 15
814 036 021 20

PC interface to SOV

Vehicle to PC Interface 600px.png

Part number Length (m) Technical drawing
814 011 001 6.5 Download Icon 30px.png
814 011 011 15

EB+ Infocentre ADR

815 046 001

without battery to fullfill ADR regulation

See in Findex.png

Download technical drawing here

Find ADR Approval here

Find the suitable cable here

backwards button 50px.png

DIAGN/CAN to SOV (EB+ Infocentre)

Info Centre 2 to SOV 600px.png

Part number Length (m) Technical drawing
814 025 001 1 Download Icon 30px.png