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Haldex Introduces New ModulT Air Disc Brake

17 February 2016



Kansas City, Missouri (February 28, 2016) – Haldex, a leading global manufacturer of air brake systems for trucks, trailers and buses, is pleased to introduce its new ModulT Air Disc Brake.

The unique design of the ModulT Air Disc Brake meets increased customer demands for performance, robustness, service uptime, weight and total cost of ownership. By meeting the toughest demands on low weight combined with high efficiency, ModulT provides uniform stopping performance while minimizing brake fade.

With a compact, modular design, ModulT is lightweight and optimized for on-highway applications. In addition to its size, ModulT provides several distinct advantages including lower weight, simplified maintenance that reduces downtime and its lower hysteresis that produces higher efficiency.

The relationship between the clamping force or brake torque and its weight, makes the brake suitable for a wider range of applications. The first member of the new ModulT family is the new 22.5-inch trailer brake, weighing 70.5 pounds including pads. It will soon be followed by a 19-inch and 22.5-inch for trucks and buses.

Efficient modular design

ModulT has a wide single-tappet mechanism, which achieves performance similar to twin-tappets, providing superior braking capability and even load distribution on the brake pads. Because the mechanism bellow is inverted, it protects it against heat radiation, stones and other debris. The tappet mechanism lever uses double roller bearings to keep the hysteresis low, which results in high efficiency and provides greater control and stability.

Sliding on two stainless steel slide pins, the floating lightweight monobloc caliper is completely sealed. Its steel PTFE-coated, lubrication-free leading-edge bearings produce low friction to optimize caliper sliding for smoother, trouble-free operation.

Simplifies maintenance

To simplify maintenance and reduce downtime for the fleet, the boltless brake pad retainer requires no tools to replace the brake pads. The entire air disc brake requires only two bolts. The ModulT incorporates an integrated adjustment unit to automatically compensate for brake pad wear.

“The new ModulT air disc brake is the perfect solution for fleets looking for high efficiency and greater control and stability with a long service life and lower total cost of ownership,” said Paul Chappell, Product Manager Air Disc Brake products.

Haldex provides additional options to meet fleet demands with an optional Pad Wear Indicator (PWI), which warns of a worn out pad; or an optional Pad Wear Sensor (PWS), which minimizes pad inspection time and costs.


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