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Haldex launches the value line brand Midland in North America

19 April 2016

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Haldex has been synonymous with innovative solutions for vehicle manufacturers all over the world for more than 100 years. Safety and vehicle dynamics have always been at the heart of this work. The product range includes air disc brakes, automatic brake adjusters, automatic brake systems as well as air treatment and suspension systems.

Haldex is adding its portfolio in order to respond to new customer groups in the Aftermarket.

The established Midland brand with a solid reputation is being relaunched. This label forms a product line, which is based on solid and robust engineering, thoroughly tested for compliance with Haldex standards and all Midland products come with a full warranty. Midland products today include actuators, air tanks, air coils and air tubes as well as electrical coils, clutch, fittings, glad-hands and water pumps.

Haldex also offers remanufactured products. Like Nu is the established Haldex brand for remanufactured products in North America. Reman offers affordable and environmentally sustainable solutions. As Haldex-certified products, you can count on high quality and excellent performance. The range of Like Nu products is extensive covering product categories such as air compressors, air dryers, clutches, fan clutch, air conditioning compressors, hydraulics, power steering, starters and alternators, water pumps and wiper motors.

The Midland and Like Nu brands will be the first choice for price-conscious customers who will be able to find proven quality at great prices in these Haldex labels. Demand is rising in this segment, in particular for older vehicles, which are in the market. With Midland and Like Nu, Haldex is presenting a tailored range for this growing sector.

The benefit of the new Haldex portfolio for customers and the industry: it’s a one-stop shop and together with the established Haldex premium products the range forms a complete product package. This means not only proven quality but also the backing of a reliable partnership, handling and service organization.

For further information, contact:

Sherilyn Rowe, Director North America Marketing

Phone: +1 816-801-2510

E-mail: sherilyn.rowe@haldex.com

Catharina Paulcén, SVP Corporate Communications

Phone: +46 418-476157

E-mail: catharina.paulcen@haldex.com



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