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Haldex Introduces Reservoir Purge Valve to Keep Reservoirs Dry

22 September 2017

Kansas City, Missouri (September 29, 2017) Haldex, a leading global manufacturer of air brake systems for trucks, trailers and buses, is pleased to introduce the Haldex Reservoir Purge Valve, the newest advancement in the Haldex drain valve product offering.

Haldex has designed and manufactured the Reservoir Purge Valve to keep contaminants (water, oil, etc.) from building up in the reservoir tanks by purging the reservoir tank every time the vehicle is placed in park.


Reservoir Purge Valve


Purges Oil, Water and Contaminants

The Reservoir Purge Valve automatically removes oil, water and contaminants from the reservoir tank when the parking brake is set or when the emergency air is released from the towed vehicle. “This functionality benefits the fleets by eliminating a concern if the driver doesn’t manually drain the tanks,” stated Scott Walpole, Product Manager of Air Controls.

Once the supply air pressure is removed from the valve, the Reservoir Purge Valve opens up the reservoir line to purge. When the reservoir air pressure reaches 90 psi, the valve shuts off the purge operation maintaining the reservoir pressure at “ready.”  This allows for quick system recharge for the vehicles next trip.

The purge function in the valve is not dependent on inputs from electrical, differential tank pressures or manual influences. The valve has a maximum system pressure of 150 psi and an operating temperature range of -45°F to 180°F.

Serviceable filters, which can be cleaned and replaced without removing the valve from the vehicle, protect the valve from debris. The valve is small, lightweight and has a built-in mounting bracket for easy installation options, including retrofitting to existing vehicles. It must be used in conjunction with a manual drain valve, as prescribed in FMVSS121, and comes with a 3-Year/ 350,000-mile warranty.


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