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ECUs Manufactured By Haldex Now With Additional Serial Number Label For Easier Scanning

Beginning immediately Haldex will improve the scanning process at the customer by adding an additional Serial Number label to the Electronic Control Units (ECUs) manufactured by Haldex. The new label will be applied to the top of the ECU
(see below 3) to allow easier scanning of the ECU’s serial number. The ECU serial number is recorded by many customers with the serial number of the trailer to provide traceability for Haldex if questions arise for ECU configuration and/or end-of-line testing.


Our current label includes the following: 1, 2
• Part Number & Barcode
• Manufacturing Date Code & Barcode
• Serial Number & Barcode **

Our new additional label includes the following: 3
• Serial Number & Barcode **

If you have questions or require additional documentation concerning this change, please contact your Haldex Representative.

Download a PDF of this announcement Click Here


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