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Haldex Grey-Rock: A Legacy of High Performance Stopping Approaches 90-Year Milestone

5 September 2018

Kansas City, Missouri (August 24, 2018) Haldex, a leading global manufacturer of air brake systems for trucks, trailers and buses will celebrate the inception of its high performing heavy-duty friction products line, Grey-Rock in 2019.

Providing high performance braking solutions since it’s inception in 1929, Grey-Rock’s focus on “balanced and safe braking” has endured as the anchor for Grey-Rock’s longevity which continues to be a core focus for fleets, even after nearly a century has passed. The Grey-Rock legacy of stability that was born from advanced compounding principles is proving to be of timeless value as expectations for brake linings evolve with today’s heavy-duty vehicle needs.

“Over the past 90 years Grey-Rock has outfitted hundreds of millions of shoes with the gold standard of stability and versatility in brake linings,” said Walter Frankiewicz, President Haldex North America & Senior Vice president Haldex North American Sales.  “When fleets demand the critical combination of safety and stopping performance Grey-Rock has been the answer since 1929.”

Along with a 40 year heritage as a service and quality leader relative to brake shoe relining processes through its industry leading friction center network, Haldex continues to maintain a line-up of proprietary friction compounds that meet the needs of today’s RSD stopping performance specifications.


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