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The Haldex ITCM (Intelligent Trailer Control Module) ABS controller is the newest product in the Haldex ABS product family. The ITCM controller embraces both the PLC (Power Line Carrier) and CAN (Controller Area Network) for communications and diagnostics. The addition of CAN protocol and expanded auxiliary allows for options such as: Roll Stability, Lift Axle Control and many others currently offered and under development for this flash upgradable ECU platform.

Customization and Expandability
The Haldex ITCM offers six separate auxiliary ports that can be used to add many current and future plug-in devices to increase the functionality of the Trailer ABS Platform. With these options fleets can decide when the time and cost are right to increase functionality.

Expandable Devices

Here are just a few of the expandable devices currently being offered with more options to be released:
     • Trailer Roll Stability Control - a plug in auxiliary device to provide roll over 
        control and automatic braking.
     • Trailer Lift Axle Control - the Haldex ILAS® E offers a simple design that
        controls the position of lift axles during operation.
     • Switch Control - acts as an on/off switch to provide an action determined
       by pressures, temperature, power voltage and other inputs. Additional devices
       may be required.
     • External System Monitoring - can monitor and report on non-Haldex 
       systems such as tire pressure monitoring. 

Communication Support
The Haldex ITCM ECU platform includes two protocols for communications with the tractor and other devices:
     • PLC (Power Line Carrier) protocol - allows the trailer to talk to the tractor
       over the existing 7-way cable.
     • CAN (Controller Area Network) Port - allows for communication between
       auxiliaries and other devices. SAE J1939 and ISO 11898 compatible.

Expandable Diagnostics
The Haldex ITCM platform offers several ways to communicate with the ECU to retrieve codes, set up additional devices, track trailer brake activity and other data related inputs and outputs.
PLC (Power Line Carrier) Diagnostics
     • PLC Infocenter
     • PLC PC Diagnostics
     • Third Party PLC Diagnostic Tools
     • ABS Fault Lamp Blink Codes
CAN (Controller Area Network) Diagnostics
     • Infocenter2
     • Haldex Diagnostics +
     • Haldex Fleet +


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