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Mile after mile performance

Haldex is both an industry pioneer and market leader in air brake actuators. Many of the designs and features you have come to expect are Haldex innovations. We continue to set the industry standard for design, reliability and extended product life today and into the future.

Haldex engineers all our materials to strict standards. Utilizing specially designed components like our patented power spring, we maximize output force and extend the life of the actuator. Longer life means few replacements, which saves you money.

Key benefits

  • Superior force output performance.
  • World class diaphragm - superior flexibility even at -40°F
  • Excellent performance over service lifetime.
  • Optimized solutions for each specific installation.

What sets us apart:

  • Market leader
  • Decades of experience
  • Broad product range covering both drum and disc brake installations.


GoldSeal is standard equipment on most North American built medium and heavy trucks, tractors and trailers, and is is specified as standard equipment by many of the top national fleets in the US and Canada.


LifeSeal+ is the industry's first and only completely sealed double diaphragm spring brake


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