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Air Treatment


Clean Air Ensures System Efficiency and Reliability

Haldex air treatment products work individually or in combination to minimize the build-up of water, oil and other contaminants while minimizing maintenance. Contaminants in the system clog valves, deteriorate rubber parts and wash away much needed system lubricants. This leads to corrosion, premature wear and freeze-up, which compromises system efficiency and can cause costly system failure and unnecessary downtime.

Four reliable products

The Haldex air treatment family consists of four reliable products

Each Haldex air treatment product is designed for easy installation, reliability, and long service life. They are perfect example of how Haldex is applying innovative vehicle technology to every aspect of the braking system.


PURestTM - Using the combination of the integrated multi-treatment cartridge and a large purge volume removes up to 99% of the contaminants in the air system.


DRYestTM  clean air utilizing low initial system costs and ensuring extended system life providing more integrated features than any other air dryer on the market.

GeminiMDx® - This pre-assembled high capacity drying system includes dual Haldex DRYest® air dryers featuring the Haldex MTC® cartridge with the patented 5-stage drying and cleaning process.

Automatic Drain Valve

The Automatic Drain Valve easily mounts anywhere a manual drain valve is located.


ConsepTM is especially designed for severe duty cycle applications—such as the heavy loads and frequent stops of city traffic operation.


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