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Automatic Drain Valve

The Haldex Automatic Drain Valve reduces possible build-up of harmful condensation and contaminants by automatically expelling any accumulated moisture in your air brake system every time the brake is applied.

Designed to remove oil, water and carbon from the compressed air reservoir without depending on compressor cycling, the Automatic Drain Valve easily mounts anywhere a manual drain valve is located. Whether factory installed or retrofit to existing air reservoirs, the Automatic Drain Valve can be serviced in the field.

Key features:

  • Integrated filter prohibits debris from damaging the valve
  • Built-in heater prevents freeze ups to keep system operating in all temperatures
  • Sealed electrical connection prevents corrosion to assure long life
  • Works independently of the governor, removing contaminants with each brake application 
  • Valve can be mounted vertically using 90° fitting for horizontal port applications


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