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Warranty Processing

Fields indicated by asterisks (*) indicate required information that must be provided for Warranty Processing.

Product more than five (5) years old based on manufacturer date code will not be considered for warranty except for Life Seal Actuators and Haldex Automatic Brake Adjusters used in line-haul / on-highway type applications. Date codes can be found on the ID tag attached to the product or stamped into the product and are in the following formats.

1. 208K 20 = Week Of The Year 8 = Last Digit Of Year K = Plant  
2. 302A8K 302 = Day Of The Year A = Shift 8 = Last Digit Of Year K = Plant
3. 30208 302 = Day Of The Year 08 = Year    
4. 302A08K 302 = Day Of The Year A = Shift 08 = Year K = Plant
5a. D3020826 (D=Distributor) 302 = Day Of The Year 08 = Year 26 = Run  
5b. O3020826 (OEM) 302 = Day Of The Year 08 = Year 26 = Run  

Warranty Form

Step 1. Fill out your company information

Step 2. Fill out your customer's information. (This would be the end-user that brought the product to you for warranty evaluation.)

Step 3. Fill out the information regarding part submitted warranty
Nature of Defect (check all that apply from list below) *

Step 4: Fill Out Information Regarding the Vehicle

Step 5: Last Step to Submit Warranty
In case of Warranty denial, please indicate disposition of this product *
In the case of warranty acceptance would you prefer *
In the case of warranty acceptance, please indicate your shipping charges below for reimbursement. Remember, refer to the Haldex policy and procedure manual for a listing of acceptable carriers to ship this warranty.


  Haldex Brake Products Corporation
  10711 N.W. Airworld Drive 
  Kansas City, MO 64153 
  Phone: 1-877-442-5339

  PRODUCTS: All New and Remanufactured (Non-Friction) Service
  Parts Distributed By Haldex Brake Products Corporation. 
  New Dana (Spicer) Style Clutches 



  PRODUCTS: All claims and failed friction products are to be
  returned to the Haldex Friction Center that supplied the product.



  Haldex Limited/Haldex Limitée 
  500 Pinebush Road, Unit #1
  Cambridge, ON Canada N1T 0A5
  Phone: (519) 621-6722

  PRODUCTS: All claims and failed products are to be returned to
  the Canadian Distribution Centre


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