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Stopping the Big Rigs - Quiz 1


What is the name of the Federal Bill that regulates the brake systems on heavy duty vehicles?

  1. Truck, bus and trailer reform act

  2. FMVSS 121

  3. CVSA check list


The aerodynamic design of today's vehicles affect the brake system in what way?

  1. Make the vehicle easier to stop

  2. Make the vehicle have more wind drag

  3. Make the vehicle harder to stop


Why is air used in heavy duty brake systems?

  1. It's cheap, it's plentiful and it works even when there are leaks

  2. It's faster and more efficient than hydraulics

  3. It's cooler than hydraulic oil


The compressor is used to:

  1. Take in atmospheric air

  2. Compress air

  3. Fill the air tanks

  4. All the above


Reservoirs are used to:

  1. Take up pressure surges

  2. Store compressed air

  3. Filter the system

  4. None of the above


The foot valve:

  1. Is a back-up item

  2. Is used in an emergency

  3. Controls air to the brake chambers


Brake Chambers:

  1. Convert compressed air into mechanical force

  2. Operate the slack adjusters

  3. Convert compressed air into rotary motion

  4. Both A and B

  5. None of the above


The automatic brake adjuster:

  1. Changes linear force into rotary torque

  2. Is like a lever

  3. Changes the direction of the brake chamber force

  4. All the above


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