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Stopping the Big Rigs - Quiz 2


A compressor is also referred to as:

  1. A motor

  2. An air pump

  3. An engine

  4. All the above


Many compressors on over-the-road vehicles are cooled by:

  1. Air flow

  2. Cooling fins

  3. Engine coolant

  4. All the above


What component turns the compressor on and off?

  1. The low air switch

  2. The ignition switch

  3. The governor

  4. Both A & B


The compressor discharge line should be checked for:

  1. Restrictions

  2. Kinks and bends

  3. Carbon build up

  4. All the above


What's the best way to prevent oil and water accumulation in the air system?

  1. Air filter

  2. An extra water trap

  3. Automatic drain valve

  4. Daily reservoir drains


What can contribute to excessive oil passage:

  1. Dirty or plugged air filters

  2. The engines intake starving the compressor

  3. Excessive crankcase pressures

  4. All the above


The Haldex pure air plus dryer does what?

  1. Filters, heats and condenses

  2. Cools, centrifuges and filters

  3. Filters and dries

  4. All the above


The isolation valve is used to:

  1. Prevent over charging of the air dryer

  2. Protect the air dryer from a failure in the compressor

  3. Prevents the loss of turbo boost pressure

  4. None of the above


Why is alcohol used in an air system?

  1. Lubrication

  2. Cleans the system of contaminants

  3. Reduces cold weather freeze-ups

  4. Both A & B


The supply tank is also referred to as the

  1. Second tank

  2. The wet tank

  3. The first tank

  4. Both B & C


A manual means of draining the supply tank is required by law.

  1. True

  2. False


The pop-off safety valve is preset to:

  1. Cut-out pressure

  2. 10 psi over cut-out pressure

  3. 150 psi

  4. None of the above


The low air switch operates when the system:

  1. Drops below the cut-in pressure

  2. Is at 80 psi

  3. Drops below 60 psi

  4. None of the above


During air compressor cut-out, the governer allows wet tank air to be routed to the unloader mechanism in the compressor to:

  1. Open the exhaust

  2. Open the intake valves

  3. Close the discharge


Most governors are set to cut-out at:

  1. 150 psi

  2. 105 psi

  3. 120 psi


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