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Stopping the Big Rigs - Quiz 5


In the parking brake system:

  1. The vehicle is parked using service brake air

  2. The vehicle is parked by mechanical means

  3. None of the above


The parking brake system is sometimes referred to as the emergency system.

  1. True

  2. False


In the event of a truck single circuit failure, the parking brakes:

  1. Should set up and remain on

  2. Permit the release of condensation from the tank

  3. Must be capable of being set 3 or 4 times


What controls the parking circuit?

  1. The driver

  2. The yellow diamond shaped dash valve

  3. In some cases a pressure sensitive dash valve

  4. All of the above


What's the function of the quick release valve in the parking brake system?

  1. Speed up the release time

  2. Speed up the application time

  3. Both A & B

  4. None of the above


The power spring found in the parking brake chamber:

  1. Should never be tampered with

  2. Is very powerful and dangerous

  3. Was not meant to be serviced

  4. All of the above


The Haldex Brake Chamber

  1. Has a tamper-proof spring chamber

  2. Has a stroke indicator band for quick reference to brake chamber stroke

  3. Has an end cap made of steel for safety

  4. All of the above


The dust plug on the caging tool's access hole keeps out contaminants which can cause premature failure of the assembly.

  1. True

  2. False


Check the spring brake center seal for leakage:

  1. Air from exhaust port of valve

  2. With a visual inspection

  3. By charging one side of the assembly and checking for leaks at the other side

  4. Both A & C

  5. None of the above


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