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Trailers the Forgotten Ones - Quiz 4


The October 1992 "121" Law amendment eliminated the need for a protected spring brake tank.

  1. True

  2. False


What valve in a trailer system allows for the protection of the supply line to 70 psi?

  1. One-way check valve

  2. Two-way check valve

  3. Pressure protection valve

  4. Service brake relay valve

  5. None of the above


The Haldex full-function valve does which of the following?

  1. Spring brake control

  2. Service brake control

  3. Protects the supply line

  4. Charges the trailer tanks

  5. All of the above

  6. None of the above


If a driver is going down the road and the trailer tank(s) lose all pressure, the Haldex full-function valve will not allow a spring brake dynamite because of a one-way check valve.

  1. True

  2. False


The Haldex full-function valve is a service brake priority valve, meaning you cannot drive away without having service braking capabilities

  1. True

  2. False


The Haldex full-function valve is a great choice because _____. 

  1. It's easier to troubleshoot 

  2. Less hoses, less fittings, less cost

  3. There's only one valve to plumb.

  4. All of the above


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