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MOD 2 Diagnostic Codes An overview of pertinent codes for the MOD 2 system Video Link
MOD 1 Diagnostic Codes An overview of pertinent MOD 1 diagnostic codes Video Link
PLC Diagnostic Codes An overview of pertinent PLC diagnostic codes Video Link
What is Modal An overview of what makes up a modal system Video Link
PLC Diagnostic Tools An overview of the tools for diagnosing a PLC system Video Link
Modal & PLC Training Nine modules that cover everything from regulations to retrofitting to diagnostics. Video Link
Retrofitting from Modal to PLC A quick overview on retrofitting Modal systems to PLC Video Link
PLC Trailer ABS Review of Trailer ABS Video Link
4S/2M Training Overview of the 4S/2M system Video Link
ABS Basics An overview of the basic ABS system Video Link
PLC InfoCenter How to use the InfoCenter Video Link
2S/1M Training Overview of the 2S/1M system Video Link
FFABS Review of the FFABS valve and trailer ABS systems Video Link
4S/2M System training and overview A 5 part series that covers components diagnostics troubleshooting and more. Video Link
L30022W Modal Power TK2 Service Manual PDF Link
L31151 DDU Connector Repair PDF Link
L31154W PLC ABS Trailer Install PDF Link
L31158W ABS PC Diagnostic Program PDF Link
L31187 PLC Select Upgrade Kit PDF Link
L31203 ABS Replacement Kit AQ960503 PDF Link
L31204 M939 Info-Center Install Instructions PDF Link
L31219 pLC Select ECU Frame PDF Link
L31230 ABS Replacement Kit AQ960514 PDF Link
L31234 ABS Replacement Kit AQ960515 PDF Link
L31235 ABS Replacement Kit AQ15457 PDF Link
L31236 ABS Replacement Kit AQ15458 PDF Link
L60075 Brake Monitoring System PDF Link
L31144 ABS Loom Assembly Repair Kit AQ15473 PDF Link
L31145 Info Center Install PDF Link
L31143 ABS Power Cable Repair Kit AQ15473 PDF Link
L30041 PLC Select 2M Service Manual PDF Link
L31141 Solenoid Kit AQ40525 Install PDF Link
L30040 TRS Service Manual PDF Link
L30030W PLC, PLC Plus, PLC Select Service Manual PDF Link
L30028W MOD II Service Manual PDF Link
L30027W MOD1 Service Manual PDF Link
L30022W Modal Power TK2 Service Manual PDF Link
L80045 ABS Service Replacement Kits Counter Card PDF Link
L60060 Remanufactured Product Core ID Chart PDF Link
L60063 Valve Identification Wall Chart PDF Link
L60058 ABS Retro-Fit and New Trailer Kits Chart PDF Link
L60050 ABS Service Replacement Parts Wall Chart PDF Link
L60055 ABS Kit AQ960503 Install Chart PDF Link
L60049 2S/1M Select Wall Chart PDF Link
L60044 4S/2M Side by Side Wall Chart PDF Link
L55197 Stop Premature ABS Sensor Wire Failure PDF Link
L60043 4S/2M Axle by Axle Wall Chart PDF Link
L55217 ECU Testing Procedures PDF Link
L55134 Welding on Trailers with ABS PDF Link
L55031W 2S/1M Troubleshooting Guide PDF Link
L20299W MOD Diag. Troubleshooting Guide PDF Link
L20398 ABS Lamp Electrical System Checklist PDF Link
L20293 DDU Diagnostic Codes PDF Link
L20302W MOD System Troubleshooting Guide PDF Link
ABS Sensor Install Overview of ABS Sensor Install Video Link
ECU Disassembly & Assembly How to disassemble and reassemble an ECU Video Link
ABS Solenoid Diagnostics An overview of the components and tools necessary for ABS solenoid testing. Video Link
ABS Sensor Diagnostics Components testing and more Video Link


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