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Business Management Policy

Haldex vision is to provide a world of safer vehicles. In the competitive automotive industry this requires full focus and with a zero-defect attitude on Safety, Health, Environmental affects and Quality in all we do from selecting suppliers though our supply chain all the way to our customers.

In Haldex Global Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Policy we express how we intend act in order to realize this.

Haldex Global Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Policy

It is the Haldex global policy to provide all employee with a safe and healthful working environment, as well as the tools and resources needed to be proactive in protecting the environment, and to provide our customers quality products and services that meet or exceed their expectations.

Employees at all levels of the workforce shall make job safety, protection of the environment, and quality their highest priorities in all they do. Each employee is expected to and have the authority to stop work or process and immediately call for attention if safety, quality or environment is at risk.

We operate an integrated quality management system based on the standards ISO 9001 / IATF 16949 and an environmental management system for our production sites according to the standard ISO 14001. Regular internal and external audits ensure compliance with the requirements of these standards.

“If you can’t do it safely, don’t do it”

Safety starts with creating the daily habits needed to reach zero accidents. For us, such habits start with this motto, short enough for everybody to remember, but powerful enough to preserve physical integrity. The occupational safety of all employees, contractor, supplier, or visitor must be secured at all times.

“Care for the environment, in everything we do”

Haldex is committed to the protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution and sustainable resource use. This motto is a reminder to use our resources efficiently and to eliminate waste at the same time. Haldex’s environmental performance shall make a positive difference and effects on the local and global environment.

“Do it right the first time; make it better every time”

We shall offer product quality that meets or surpasses our customers specifications and expectations. We shall follow our defined processes in order to deliver flawless products. There is always a better way; in the event that a more efficient method is found, those practices shall be adopted as a standard.

  • The company's goal is to develop and produce high quality products, while always maintaining safe, resource and environmentally friendly products, processes and facilities internally as well as with suppliers, service providers and contractors.
  • We perform a continuous, preventive risk management. For this purpose, appropriate action plans are developed, and their implementation pursued.
  • We commit ourselves to meet the relevant requirements of all the interested parties, including applicable legal requirements.
  • The performance of operational processes is measured and tracked using appropriate metrics. We commit ourselves to achieve continuous improvement in all processes. We utilize Haldex Way as our framework for strategy deployment and result driven improvements for all functions and processes.
  • The management is committed to providing all necessary resources and means to meet all requirements and to provide the necessary training.
  • We commit ourselves to encourage employee participation and to consult employees particularly regarding safety, health and environmental key decisions.

This policy is communicated within the organization, is a mandatory reference for additional other policies and procedures. All Haldex employees are expected to follow the requirements and guidance outlined in this policy. Additionally, it is also available to external interested parties.