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September 22, 2005 | Press release
The 1,000,000 Haldex Coupling for All Wheel Drive produced and delivered to the new Volkswagen Passat
Haldex Traction Systems, a division in the Haldex group, has since the first Haldex Coupling was produced in 1998 been producing one million Haldex Couplings in total by September 23. 2005. It started with the VW Golf and Audi TT in 1998 and the latest model now equipped with Haldex Coupling is the new VW Passat, which also will be the receiver of the millionth Haldex Coupling. The organic growth of the Haldex Traction Systems continues and the turnover for 2005 will be close to 800 MSEK.

Since the launch of the innovative Haldex Coupling in 1998 entering the All Wheel Drive market for passenger cars with a new concept, Haldex has consistently been able to win new business in hard international competition and kept market leadership for controllable All Wheel Drive Systems. Haldex is now the world-leading supplier of intelligent all-wheel-drive systems (AWD-systems) for excellent vehicle dynamics performance in both passenger cars and SUV’s. For further information please contact Joakim Olsson, CEO of the Haldex group, phone +46 8 545 049 50 or Ulf Ahlén, Division Manager of Haldex Traction Systems.

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