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July 21, 2006 | Press release
1st Half 2006

1st Half 2006 • Earnings after tax totaled MSEK 131 (145). Earnings per share totaled SEK 5.92 (6.53). • Earnings before tax totaled MSEK 177 (205). Earnings totaled MSEK 191, excluding restructuring costs. • Operating income excluding restructuring costs rose to MSEK 235 (232). The operating margin fell from 6.1% to 5.7%. Operating income including restructuring costs totaled MSEK 221 (232). • Earnings and margin improvements within the CVS, Hydraulics and Traction divisions. • Earnings in Division Wire declined MSEK 34. The decision was made to implement a program to improve profitability within the division. MSEK 14 in restructuring costs were posted to Q2. • Return on capital employed (rolling 12 months) fell from 13.7% to 11.3%. • Sales increased 8% to MSEK 4 123 (3 806). The increase amounted to 4% after adjusting for currency exchange rates. Order intake rose 3% to MSEK 4 088 (3 970). Adjusted for currency exchange rates, order were in line with previous year. • A decision was made to shut down one of Commercial Vehicle Systems’ plants in North America to improve the cost structure. The cost is estimated at MSEK 10-30, which will be posted in Q3. The decision was made after the end of the reporting period. • The unchanged full year outlook means that the profit in the 2nd half year will be substantially better compared to the same period previous year. Q2 2006 • Earnings before tax totaled MSEK 74 (103). Earnings totaled MSEK 88 (103) excluding MSEK 14 in restructuring costs, a decline of MSEK 15. • Operating income, excluding restructuring cost, was MSEK 112 (115). Operating income including restructuring costs was MSEK 98 (115). • The operating margin, excluding restructuring costs, was 5.4% (5.9) • Sales increased 4% to MSEK 2 047 (1 962). The increase amounted to 3% after adjusting for currency exchange rates. For additional information, please contact Joakim Olsson, President and Group CEO, Stefan Johansson, CFO, or Lena Olofsdotter, Public Relations Officer, tel. 08-545 049 50

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