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February 22, 2007 | Press release
The Nomination Committee’s proposal to the AGM 2007

Stockholm, Sweden, February 22, 2007 – The Nomination Committee has informed Haldex of its proposal to the Annual General Meeting on 12 April 2007 (the AGM) to nominate seven Board Members. The Nomination Committee proposes re-election of Sune Karlsson, Arne Karlsson, Caroline Sundewall and Cecilia Vieweg and new election of Lars-Göran Moberg (Member of AB Volvo Group Executive Committee), Anders Thelin (Executive Vice President Sandvik AB) and Anders Böös (former President in Hagströmer & Qviberg AB and Drott AB), all for the period up to and including the next Annual General Meeting. Furthermore, the Nomination Committee proposes re-election of Sune Karlsson as Chairman of the Board.

Bengt Stillström, Kurt Palmgren and Lars Westerberg have declined re-election.

The notice convening the AGM will include a presentation of the new candidates, as well as the remainder of the Nomination Committee’s proposal. Such information will also be published on the company’s website.

Shareholders representing approximately [23.6] percent of the votes and shares in the company support the Nomination Committee’s proposal.

Question can be sent to Election Committee:
Sarah McPhee, AMF Pension, chairman, phone +46 70-601 8970, sarah.mcphee@amfpension.se
Carl Rosén, Andra AP-fonden, phone +46 73-940 10 10, carl.rosen@ap2.se
Bengt Stillström, Traction, phone +46 70-440 40 99, bengt.stillstrom@traction.se
Nils Petter Hollekim, Odin Fonder, phone +47 930 505 72, nils.petter.hollekim@odinfond.no

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