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March 10, 2008 | Press release
Haldex secures order worth SEK 800 M for automatic brake adjusters
Haldex’s Commercial Vehicle Systems Division has secured a five-year order worth approximately SEK 800 M from the German company BPW (Bergische Achsen), Europe’s largest manufacturer of trailer axles

The order pertains to automatic brake adjusters developed jointly by Haldex and BPW. The brake adjusters, called ECO-Master II, are based on the latest generation of automatic brake adjusters from Haldex. ECO-Master II replaces BPW’s previous generation of proprietarily manufactured automatic brake adjusters.

The automatic brake adjusters are easy to install and offer high precision and operational reliability and low maintenance, and thus low operating costs for vehicle owners.

Series deliveries will commence in April 2008.

Haldex is the global leader in the market for automatic brake adjustment for heavy vehicles equipped with drum brakes.

“This is the largest individual order we have ever received for brake adjusters and it consolidates Haldex’s position as the market-leading manufacturer of automatic brake adjusters” says Joakim Olsson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Haldex. “

“The order reinforces our strong market position for trailers in Europe, and our close cooperation with BPW, which we plan to extend to additional products in the near future,” says Jay Longbottom, President of the Commercial Vehicle Systems Division.

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