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September 24, 2008 | Press release
Haldex unveils next generation Alfdex separator at the IAA show
At the 62nd IAA Commercial Vehicles show, Haldex will unveil the next generation of the Alfdex oil mist separator systems for crankcase ventilation. The key features to meet tougher environmental legislation, from Euro 6 and beyond EPA10 are; significantly improved cleaning, handling of larger gas flows and the addition of electric drive.

The Alfdex system offers the market high-efficiency removal of oil droplets and soot particles from the ventilation gas in diesel engine crankcases, also known as blow-by or crankcase gases.

Improved cleaning
The next generation Alfdex separator is up to 4 times more efficient than the existing model, and/or can handle up to 3 times as much blow-by gas.

”This is a major step towards the dream-efficiency of 100%. Thanks to a few new inventions and by optimizing almost every component in the separator we have been able to achieve such a significant improvement. I am sure this is what the engine manufacturers need to comply with Euro 6 and the regulations beyond EPA10.” says Dr. Stefan Szepessy, R&D Manager at Alfdex.

The system still uses centrifugal technology to eliminate particles down to 0.1 gram/hour or below at normal driving conditions, precisely what is needed for well functioning closed crankcase ventilation systems. At a separator speed of 7 000-8000 rpm, oil and soot particles are removed from the gas by forces of around 2 500 G’s and returned to the oil sump.

Lower energy consumption
Normally the separator is hydraulically driven by the engine lube oil system. A new option is an electric brushless motor that has significantly lower energy consumption combined with a cleaning efficiency adapted to the actual need, as well as providing on-board diagnostics through a controller-area-network (CAN-bus). Serial deliveries are expected from 2011.

Tougher legislation
Interest in the Alfdex crankcase gas cleaning system is pushed by tougher engine legislation that takes into account not only exhaust pipe discharges but also other discharges as well, e.g. crankcase gases. Korea and Japan have such legislation while the North American market experienced similar demands when “EPA 07” took effect in January 2007. In Europe, the new Euro 6 regulation is planned as of 2013.

Expanding interest
Several of the worlds’ leading truck and engine brands have opted for the Alfdex system. Among them are e.g. Scania, Volvo, Renault, Mack, Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Western Star, Sterling Trucks and Navistar. Alfdex AB is firmly established as the worlds’ leading supplier of highly efficient proprietary crankcase gas cleaning solutions. //END

Alfdex is a joint-venture based on Alfa Laval’s unique knowledge of centrifugal separation and Haldex’ strong position as a supplier of proprietary vehicle technology solutions to the global vehicle industry.

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