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February 22, 2008 | Annual Financial Statement
Year-end report 2007

Full-year 2007

• Sales totaled SEK 7,940 (7,890). Adjusted for currency exchange rates, sales rose 4%. Order intake totaled SEK 8,098 m (7,883), up 6% after adjustments for currency exchange rates.

• Earnings after tax amounted to SEK 141 m (310). Earnings per share amounted to SEK 6.24 (13.96).

• Operating income and the operating margin amounted to SEK 352 m (419) and 4.4% (5.3), respectively. The decline in earnings was mainly attributable to the CVS Division in North America.

• The operating income was stable for CVS in Europe, which reported an operating margin of 7.4% (7.8). The operating margin for CVS in North America declined to minus 1.3% (-2.7), due to the weaker market.

• In Europe, extremely robust growth was noted in all divisions during 2007, while the opposite applied in North America.

• The restructuring under way within Friction Products is proceeding as planned. Restructuring costs total an estimated SEK 50 m, with a repayment period of one year, and were charged against fourth-quarter earnings.

• The return on capital employed (rolling 12 months) was 8.3% (11.5).

• The Board of Directors proposes a dividend per share of SEK 4.50 (4.50).

Fourth quarter of 2007

• Sales totaled SEK 1,955 m (1,897). Adjusted for currency exchange rates, the sales increased by 6 %.

• Operating income, excluding restructuring costs, improved to SEK 100 m (90).

• Compared with the year-earlier period, the operating margin improved in all divisions, apart from CVS, and totaled 5.1% during the quarter, compared with 3.4% during the third quarter.

• Production of trucks and trailers in the North American market remained weak during the fourth quarter. In Europe, production remained high.

Events after fiscal year-end

• On February 21, 2008, Haldex entered into an agreement concerning the acquisition of Concentric Plc, a world leader in oil, fuel and water pumps for medium-sized and large diesel engines for trucks and construction machinery. The acquired company has annual sales of GBP 72 m and production units in the US, UK, China and India.

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