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February 13, 2009 | Press release
Change in Haldex’s Nomination Committee

In a press release dated October 16, 2008, it was announced that Haldex’s Nomination Committee prior to the 2009 Annual General Meeting would comprise Odin Funds, AMF Pension, Second AP Fund and Unionen.

After AMF Pension sold its holding in Haldex, the member of the Nomination Committee nominated by AMF Pension, Peter Lindell, has stepped down from this position.

Accordingly, the composition of the Nomination Committee has changed and now comprises: Odin Funds, Investment Öresund, Second AP Fund and Unionen.

These shareholders jointly represent 20.74 percent of the voting rights in Haldex AB.

Opinions and proposals intended for the Nomination Committee can be submitted to the following members:

Stefan Dahlbo, (Chairman) Investment Öresund AB, tel: +46-(0)8-402 33 00, stefan.dahlbo@oresund.se
Tomas Ramsälv, Odin Funds, tel: +46-(0)8-407 14 57, tomas.ramsalv@odinfond.no
Carl Rosén, Second AP Fund, tel: +46-(0)73-940 10 10, carl.rosen@ap2.se
Björn Cederlund, Unionen, tel: +46-(0)70-227 04 12, bjornc42@telia.com

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