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October 6, 2009 | Press release
Haldex merges Air Management and Brake Control business units
The Haldex Group continuously implements extensive actions to enhance efficiency and increase customer service and value creation.

As part of this work, the Commercial Vehicle Systems (CVS) division’s Air Management and Brake Control business units will be merged into a single unit, namely Air Controls. The two units have strong product-development, production and purchasing synergies. The merger will lead to a more efficient organization and increase the focus on customer value creation in terms of product development of enhanced mechatronic air control products in the areas of air treatment/air distribution, brake and air-suspension systems. In the past two years, Commercial Vehicle Systems has taken major initiatives aimed at improving its structure and enhancing the efficiency of its operations. As previously announced, the division’s Friction Products business unit has been restructured, and the division’s European distribution operation’s have been concentrated from five units into one, while manufacturing in the Redditch (UK) facility has been discontinued. “The merger of the two business units into the new Air Controls unit means that Haldex can create improved solutions with greater efficiency for its customers. At the same time, this merger places Haldex in a better position to capitalize on its strategic structural actions when demand begins to rise,” says Joakim Olsson, President and CEO of Haldex.

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