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April 16, 2009 | Press release
Haldex secures order worth SEK 4.5 billion for All-Wheel Drive system to VW
The new order is the largest single nomination ever of the Haldex Group. The business awarded is an expansion of the existing business with the VW-Group

VW has chosen Haldex as supplier of AWD technique to be part of their new modular platform concept due in 2012. The AWD-system is the fifth generation of the established Haldex AWD-coupling. The fifth generation is developed to meet future market requirements on weight, cost and fuel consumption.

The new business will gradually replace the existing platforms starting 2012 but also be applicable for other platforms and vehicle models within the product programme of the customer. The additional platform concept will double today’s volumes once fully introduced. The value of the total business amounts to ca SEK 4.5 billion for a period of approximately 7 years.

”It is a success for Haldex that VW has named Haldex as its choice of long-term partner in connection with VW’s plans to expand its four-wheel drive offering”, says Joakim Olsson, President and CEO of Haldex. “The order from VW must be viewed in the light of Haldex’s leadership in terms of function, performance and competitiveness in the market for four-wheel-drive systems that match ever-stronger demand trends in respect of safety, low energy consumption and costs.”

This new business is the biggest single nomination in the history of the Haldex Group:

“After our first market entry eleven years ago this shows again the innovative ability within Haldex to keep the market leadership in Europe long term” says Ulf Ahlén, President of the Haldex Traction Systems Division. “This order creates the base for a robust growth for the Traction Systems Division until 2018”.

The Haldex coupling will be manufactured and supplied from the Haldex production facility in Landskrona, Sweden

Haldex currently supplies several of the major OEM:s, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bugatti and Lamborghini. Volvo, Ford Motor Company, Land Rover and General Motors with proprietary and advanced systems and solutions for All-Wheel-Drive Systems.

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