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September 7, 2009 | Press release
Haldex secures orders for Jungheinrich and STILL – total order value SEK 143 million
Haldex has secured an order for a new series of hydraulic power units from Jungheinrich. The order received from STILL is for pumps for electric lift trucks. The total order value amounts to SEK 143 million.

Jungheinrich is one of the world’s leading suppliers of forklifts and inventory-logistics solutions. The new series of hydraulic units were specifically developed for Jungheinrich and are intended for use in the company’s walkie/walkie stacker (pedestrian pallet trucks). They were designed to satisfy demands for reduced noise levels and precision maneuvering. Manufacturing will commence by year-end 2009 at Haldex’s plant in Skånes-Fagerhult, Sweden, and the products will be launched in order of model until year-end 2011. The order is valued at SEK 113 million over a five-year period. The order received from STILL, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of forklifts, is for pumps that power the steering, lifting and tilt functions on electric lift trucks. The pump family, known as Calma (WQII), is extremely quiet with up to 85% less noise, and is also distinguished by low energy consumption. Calma is primarily intended for various electrically powered vehicles, including forklift trucks, aerial work platforms and other mobile equipment. The Calma pumps were launched by Haldex in early 2009 and were developed in partnership with the University of Technology in Dresden, Germany. The pumps are available globally from Haldex plants in Asia, Europe and the US. The order is valued at SEK 30 million over a five-year period. “Haldex has a global presence and world-leading customers, which is a strategic strength,” says Haldex CEO Joakim Olsson. “We develop and commercialize innovations, often in partnership with our customers, to provide maximum customer value. Serving world-leading customers subjects the company to considerable demands, while also signifying recognition of Haldex as a leading global manufacturer and market driver within its market segments.” The Haldex Group’s Hydraulics Systems Division offers a broad product range of gear and gerotor pumps, which form the base of a wide range of hydraulic power systems. The primary application areas include forklifts and construction machinery, as well as truck applications in which the products are mainly used for lifting applications and assistance systems. The division is also market leader within pump technology for diesel engines. The pumps are used to pump lubricating oil, coolants and diesel fuel. With proprietary products Haldex has unique technology for coping with demands for lower emissions of harmful exhaust gases from engines. Haldex technology for electronic control of hydraulic systems, EMS, that combines hydraulics and electronics to provide improved efficiency and lower energy consumption, creates opportunities for hydraulic hybrid vehicles.

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