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February 20, 2009 | Annual Financial Statement
Year-end Report 2008

• Sales totaled SEK 8,403 m (7,940). Adjusted for currency exchange rates, sales rose 6%. Order intake totaled SEK 7,923 m (8,098). After adjustments for currency exchange rates, the decrease was 3%.

• Earnings after tax amounted to SEK -43 m (141). Earnings per share amounted to SEK -1.92 (6.24).

• Operating income* and the operating margin* amounted to SEK 250 m (339) and 3.0% (4.3) respectively.

• Cash Flow from operating activities was strong in the period amounting to SEK 857 m (312).

• Haldex has expanded its earlier announced cost reduction program involving a decrease of the number of employees to include approximately 1,500 employees, whereof 1,000 employees already have left the company. The expanded program also includes structural measures. The annual saving is expected to amount to approximately SEK 425 m.

• The restructuring cost of the extended cost reduction program is estimated at SEK 150 m, whereof SEK 85 m has been charged in the fourth quarter, while the remaining SEK 65 m will be charged against earnings during the first quarter of 2009. Additional one-off items amounting to SEK 41 m have been posted in the fourth quarter.

• The financing has been secured by renegotiating of the USD 250 m revolving credit facility, with an unutilized amount of USD 157 m. The facility will mature in 2012.

• Haldex completed the acquisition of Concentric on April 1. The integration is running ahead of plan.

• Haldex reached an agreement with Suzuki Metal Industry, to divest the Garphyttan Wire division. The purchase price, which will be paid in cash, is estimated to SEK 800 m on a cash and debt free basis.

• The Board proposes that no dividend will be paid for fiscal year 2008.

• Against the background of the exceptional uncertainty in the market, Haldex will not give any outlook for earnings for 2009.

* Excluding restructuring costs, one-off items and amortization of acquisition-related surplus values. Operating income amounted to SEK 92 m (289).

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