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January 21, 2010 | Press release
Haldex to launch world’s first UN-ECE approved rollover simulator for trailers
Haldex is to launch the world’s first UN-ECE approved rollover control simulator for trailers. The simulator will enable trailer manufacturers to obtain type approval for vehicles equipped with Haldex’s EB+ electronic braking system so that the vehicles meet the UN-ECE regulations (which include new rules for braking systems) without manufacturers having to carry out their own resource-intensive road testing.

Haldex’s EB+ system has incorporated rollover control since 2003. A total of 33 different vehicles types and configurations needed to be certified under the new rules and, in 2009, Haldex completed a complex process of road testing of all of these vehicles types – which is a certification requirement – at a proving ground in Tarragona, Spain. Based on data from these tests, Haldex developed a simulator and submitted it for validation by the TÜV Nord testing body. The simulator program has now been certified as conforming to the UN-ECE braking regulations and, accordingly, can be used for type approvals of Haldex EB+ equipped vehicles. By choosing Haldex’s braking system, trailer manufacturers will be able to use the simulator program to implement faster and more cost-effective development, proving and approval. The simulator technology enables various braking systems and configurations to be installed exactly as they would be on a trailer. The simulation of the dynamics of the vehicles, tires and road surface during the defined maneuvers is controlled by a complex computer program. The Haldex rollover simulator was launched to European approval authorities at a safety forum in Redditch in the UK on January 19, 2010. Haldex is the first supplier to offer a simulator for this purpose and the first to gain approval under the new UN-ECE rules. The UN-ECE regulations came into force in July 2008. The rules require that certain classes of vehicles must have rollover control fitted by specific dates, the key milestones being July 2010, when authorities must refuse UN-ECE type approval for large trailers without this function, and July 2011, when trailers without rollover control can be banned from entering service at national discretion. In addition new EC rules that came into force in 2009 require that all national approvals for trailers in the EC must include rollover control from November 2011 and all large trailers entering service in the EC from November 2014 must have rollover control, irrespective of the date of the approval.

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