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September 19, 2017 | Press release
Knorr-Bremse withdraws its public offer for Haldex
Knorr-Bremse has today announced the withdrawal of its public offer for Haldex. Today’s decision also means that the competition review will be terminated.  

”We can finally put this public offer behind us and release the resources working on assisting the authorities with information. Ever since the end of June, when we received a very clear message from the authorities, we have known that there were no real possibilities for a deal. We will continue to build a stronger, competitive Haldex with customers, employees and shareholders in focus.” says Jörgen Durban, Chairman of the Board of Haldex.

“It’s pleasing to see that we have emerged stronger from this process on many levels. Our employees have shown an outstanding willingness to fight for Haldex in the market. In addition, we have received interesting inquiries from new prospective customers who are willing to work with us as soon as the bid has disappeared. Our focus now is to secure a number of long-term customer contracts that we were unable to sign during the bidding period and to work on a long-term, stable ownership structure.", Durban concludes.

Shareholders who have accepted Knorr-Bremse’s offer will have their shares returned to their respective accounts. Questions about holdings of shares should be directed to your bank or equity custodian.

For further information, visit http://corporate.haldex.com or contact:

Jörgen Durban, Chairman of the board
Phone: +46 418 476163

Åke Bengtsson, Acting CEO
Phone: +46 418 476150

Catharina Paulcén, SVP Corporate Communications
Phone: 46 418 476157
E-mail: catharina.paulcen@haldex.com

The information was submitted for publication by the Haldex media contact stated in the release on Sept 19, 2017 at 10.45 CEST.

This document is essentially a translation of Swedish language original thereof. In the event of any discrepancies between this translation and the original Swedish document the latter shall be deemed correct

About Haldex

With more than 100 years of intensely focused innovation, Haldex holds unrivaled expertise in brake systems and air suspension systems for heavy trucks, trailers and buses. We live and breathe our business delivering robust, technically superior solutions born from deep insight into our customers’ reality. By concentrating on our core competencies and following our strengths and passions, we combine both the operating speed and flexibility required by the market. Collaborative innovation is not only the essence of our products – it is also our philosophy. Our 2,150 employees, spread on four continents, are constantly challenging the conventional and strive to ensure that the products we deliver create unique value for our customers and all end-users. We are listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Stock Exchange and have net sales of approximately 4.4 billion SEK.

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