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January 16, 2020 | Press release
Haldex renews exclusivity agreement with two major truck manufacturers in EMEA and South America
Haldex has renewed their agreement with two world leading providers of transport solutions, allowing Haldex to maintain their position as sole subcontractor of Automatic Brake Adjusters (ABA).

Since the 1970s, Haldex has been the exclusive provider of ABAs to the two major truck manufacturers in EMEA and South America. With the new agreement, signed in December 2019, the partnership has been extended through December 2023 with an estimated business value around 25 MEUR.

“We are pleased that the collaboration with the two leading truck manufacturers continues, since a continued partnership is the foremost proof that it has been successful and appreciated by all parties. At Haldex we put great emphasis on providing the highest quality in product, service and distribution. Therefore, we are proud to be trusted with extended exclusivity agreements. We are now looking forward to strengthening our current relationship with the two actors”, says Helene Svahn, CEO of Haldex.

Maintaining the partnership with these manufacturers has been a priority for Haldex, as this deal is not only important for the business itself, but also for Haldex to be able to support and enable a continuous dialogue with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) on other business opportunities.

“These manufacturers are global leaders when it comes to adopting transport services and making them more sustainable. That is a quest that we are happy to be a part of”, says Helene Svahn.

For further information, visit http://corporate.haldex.com/en or contact:

Stephan Kulle, Executive Vice President EMEA
Phone: +49 1742 458416
Email: stephan.kulle@haldex.com

Anna Annerås, Marketing Communications Manager
Phone: +46 768 851501
Email: anna.anneras@haldex.com

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