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November 4, 2019
Master thesis: Brake system Assembly - R&D
Country: Sweden
Most commercial heavy vehicles today use pneumatic brake systems which consists of a large number of components as for example foot brake module, hoses, cables, ABS-Valves, pressure modulators, tanks, trailer control module, air dryer, various sensors and valves.



These components are typically mounted on the vehicle individually which means that quite a significant time is being spent on assembly of each vehicle brake system.

To meet the new requirements on brake systems from electrification (hybrid and electrical vehicles) and automation (self-driving vehicles, SAE L4-L5) Haldex is developing a new Scalable Brake Architecture. This new architecture will include both improved systems based on pneumatics and new systems based on electromechanical actuation.


The objective for this Master Thesis will be to compare three different braking systems in terms of the number of components used and to compare the estimated time needed to assemble these components on a few typical vehicle configurations. A conventional brake system will be used as the reference and compared with the new wheel based pneumatic brake system and with the new electromechanical brake system.


  • Comparison of assembly time for each of the three systems

Required skills & experience


This Master Thesis is suitable for 1-2 persons specializing in production systems, product development or similar. Good communication and English language skills. The Master Thesis is preferably performed at Haldex in Landskrona.

For further information, please contact:

Kristoffer Örndahl
Phone: +46 (0) 418 47 6060