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November 14, 2019
Master Thesis: Vehicle Model for Rapid Prototyping - R&D
Country: Sweden
Haldex is working with the next generation of brake systems for all types of heavy vehicles, from electrified buses to autonomous trucks.


A brake system has a huge impact on the vehicle dynamics and many safety critical functions can be controlled by the brake system.

The Global Vehicle Dynamics group is working on development of the software platform for the next generation of brake systems. Model based design plays an important role to save money and time and is a must to automate the development process.


The objective for this Master Thesis is to create a vehicle model for rapid prototyping when developing vehicle dynamics functions. The vehicle model should be used in the workflow from Model in the Loop (MiL) simulations (test of algorithms) to Software in the Loop (SiL) simulations (test of compiled software). MiL and SiL simulations require the model be computationally light. The model should be implemented in Modelica and compiled according to the FMI-standard to be tool independent and used in different development phases.

A workflow around the vehicle model should be implemented to facilitate MiL and SiL simulations. The model should also have an interface so that the control software being tested can easily be tested in other test environments at Haldex.


  • Vehicle model in Modelica, with 6 degrees of freedom and 2 or more axles, to be used to test vehicle dynamics control algorithms.
  • A workflow, with both code and guidelines, how the vehicle model can be used for fast prototyping in MiL and SiL. 

Additional information


This Master Thesis is suitable for 1-2 persons specializing in engineering physics, controls or mechatronics engineering. Good communication and English language skills. The Master Thesis is preferably performed at Haldex in Landskrona.

For further information, please contact:

Elias Palmkvist
Phone: +46 (0) 418 47 61 34