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Our Culture and our 4 Cs

Management guru Peter Drucker once said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, and we at Haldex hold this to be true. Everything starts with our culture: our attitudes, beliefs and actions. Once they are established, we know how to execute on the strategy.

First of all, all Haldex employees must embrace our core values, since these are the start of everything we do:






Once the core values are there, we can focus on how we actually do business. At Haldex, we do this via our 4C's.

 4C Long Copy Challenge Unit.png
4C Long Copy Collaborate Unit.png
4C Long Copy Commit Unit.png 4C Long Copy Celebrate Unit.png

We measure all our employees yearly, based on these 4C's. This means that we place high expectations on our coworkers, but also that we present rich possibilities to grow professionally in a sound environment.